Nice to meet you.

This is my “blog” turned Landing Page. I don’t blog anymore. These days I write stuff on paper, or just not at all. Been in Japan 15 years now.

Currently I am practicing a mix of permaculture, neopaganism and bushcraft on Kasagi Mountain in Central Japan. As I do this I am documenting and studying the natural environment as well as the ancient megaliths, cupules, murals and petroglyphs that are left over from thousands of years ago. It is all really fascinating. So much so that I am currently working on a Documentary Film called “The Secret History of Kasagi Mountain“.

In my spare time- in between splitting firewood and preparing meals – I teach English part-time, ghostwrite, and sell Thunderstones scavenged from the Wilds.

I also up-cycle stuff.

I own* a quarter acre of farmland in Aichi Prefecture, 2.2 acres of farmland in Nagano Prefecture, and 2.5 acres of Woodland on the Big Island, Hawaii. (*The Land owns me.)

I am on Instagram.


Adams Guild Seal – (Zai) the seal of the ring of the Sun. Permaculture – Sow seed, be courteous, think about how we use stuff. Neopaganism – A modern religion with ancient roots. A “Nature Religion”. Buschcraft – To thrive in the natural environment, and the acquisition of the skills and knowledge to do so. Thunderstones – flint arrowheads and axes that have fallen from the celestial dome.