July 9. Back by popular demand, this goes out to OurWorld 2.0, Kyoto Journal and Kurashi.

When the time comes, this is a way to re-establish the old Satoyama Economy:

Satoyama Economy Rangers Program

* * *

Ran・gerDef. n. A warden employed to maintain and protect a forest or other natural area.

The idea is to — utilizing the internet and university system — provide a springboard for students and young people to connect directly with Satoyama movements, as perchance regenerative systems can be installed everywhere more efficiently by the hands and eyes of internally-motivated students who still have a good amount of physical energy on their side.

The springboard in question is Satoyama Economy Rangers Program, or S.E.R.P., which can act as a platform (network site) to collaborate student groups on their respective campuses with various institutions currently in operation today, namely Satoyama initiatives, NGO’s, NPO’s, Transition Towns, Academic, Community, and etc. Students can organize themselves on their respective campuses as a chapter-based model, and mobilize their peers to get involved.

“Rather than independent institutions getting one-off volunteers to help on missions and programs, student leaders start a chapter on their university campus to fuel an endless pool of help, via S.E.R.P to current on-the-ground operations, for the re-establishment of the old Satoyama Economy.”

This idea of S.E.R.P. was conceived by combining 1. Jeremy Rifkin’s Third Industrial Revolution { vid }, that says the internet is an untapped resource to allow anyone to simulate and explore the future of energy and economy, 2. Zev Friedman’s Budding Forest Economy { vid }, that says building a “forest economy” as components of social systems and ecosystems is important and remarkable, and 3. Global Brigades, the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization, that shows a de-centralized yet collaborative social-cause mission self-perpetuating itself and drawing creativity from both student and place.

* * *

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